Double Bachelor's degree: Degree in Law and Degree in Business Administration and Management

Bachelor’s thesis

Previous requisites: To be able to do the TFG it is necessary that the student have surpassed 250 credits ECTS of the Double Degree: Grade at Right and Grade at ADE.

Formalities/initial performances (IMPORTING)

The estudiantat of the Double Degree: Grade at Right and Grade at ADE has of two options:

  • 1º Option: Realise a TFG for cadascuna of the degrees. At case to opt for this possibility it is necessary to consult the educational guide of the TFG of the Grade at Right and of the Grade at ADE. At this supposition, the estudiantat will a/at headmaster/at for cadascun of the TFG.
  • 2º Option: Realise a only TFG always that this have an interdisciplinary character that make possible the comprovació of the acquisition of the planned competences at the plans of survey of the two degrees. At this option, the TFG only will be cotutoritzat for two teachers/. It will enable a periode of information in September on the binomials of teachers that propose the realisation of an only work cotutoritzat.

Once realised the tuition of the TFG, the estudiantat will be able to manifest his option by means of a brief normalised (Form TFG Double Degree Grade at Right and Grade at ADE) that will have to address at the Leader of surveys ( at the term of 10 natural days from the next day of the día of ending of enrols it of September. At case that there is more requests of realisation of an only work that binomials of teachers of the available degree, this option will assign at the students at function of his note of record. So that the students with better note will be able to realise a TFG only with two headmasters. Whereas at the rest of the students, will assign the ones two headmasters (one by right and one of ADE) for such to realise two TFG separately. If these two headmasters agreed , the student could realise an only TFG under the supervision of the two. No obstant, this possibility will not be obligatory for the headmasters, and recaurà at the own student the propose it.


Educational guide of the TFG of the Double Degree

Rule: Regulation of the Work of end of the grade

Planning of the TFG


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Prizes at which pot opt the students of the Faculty by right and Economics - Better TFG